Penalty Of Not Employing Disabled Personnel

For workplaces that do not fulfill the obligation to employ disabled persons, as regulated in Article 30 of the Labor Law No. 4857, there is a penal sanction in Article 101 of the same law.


This sanction is applied regardless of public or private sector, for every worker who should be employed but is not, and for each month in which they are not employed.


For example: This penal sanction applies to each disabled person not employed by companies in 2021, and for each month in which he / she is not employed, there is an obligation to pay 3.985 TL.


The amounts calculated for each non-employed month and each disabled worker can be considered retrospectively for 3 years, and the amounts calculated for each disabled employee may be in question.


For example: if an employer has not employed 5 disabled persons for 18 months although under the obligation to do so, he/she will be subject to an administrative fine of 18 x 5 x 3.985 TL = 358.650 TL.