Coaching And Mentoring.

Coaching is the service of guiding, creating an action plan, and providing professional support in order for individuals to reach their professional goals. A person needs a career coach to increase his/her awareness in business life, clarify his/her career goals and determine the actions that will be effective for his/her career.

A coach, while working towards a strategic goal with an employee, encourages him/her and helps uncover his/her potential.

Mentoring is the learning and development relationship where an experienced and expert person conveys his/her knowledge and experience to another person and sets an example for him/her.

A mentor is in a position to guide the employee to adapt to the corporate culture and to more easily overcome the challenges that await him/her in his/her new position.

As ES Kariyer, we support our candidates to use their full potential in business life most effectively with our coaching and mentoring services.

We support them with our coaching services and contribute to sustainable employment. With our knowledge and experience in Human Resources, we help candidates develop their business goals and strategies.

As Mentors, we always support our candidates to ensure their stability in the workplace and increase their loyalty to the company.