As Turkey’s first and only Employment Consultancy for Disabled Persons, we offer consulting services to companies and disabled candidates since 2016. We operate as a private employment office of İŞKUR (Turkish Employment Organization)

Mission: We exist to ensure that individuals with disabilities have equal opportunities in society, to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the business world, and to create a fair and accessible working environment for everyone.

Vision: We dream of a world where disabled individuals can showcase their talents, develop their careers and contribute to society. To realize this vision, we aim to remove obstacles to the employment of disabled people by building bridges between employers and society.


To increase job opportunities for disabled individuals and support their professional development. To support companies in ensuring diversity and to create an inclusive culture.

  1. To provide training and consultancy services to raise companies’ awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion.
  2. To reduce the difficulties faced by disabled individuals in the recruitment processes and to ensure the adoption of egalitarian policies in workplaces.
  3. To reduce the difficulties faced by disabled individuals in the recruitment processes and to ensure the adoption of egalitarian policies in workplaces.


Our goal is to create more and sustainable employment opportunities for disabled employees. According to recent studies, approximately 13% of Turkey’s population is disabled and approximately 22% of them can work actively. That means that 2 million disabled persons can work. In this context, our priority is to ensure that suitable candidates are placed in appropriate positions, after carefully interviewing the candidates and conducting behavioral analyses to ensure that this active workforce is used correctly.



We believe that everyone can create added value in business life, and that competencies and qualifications come first. Think of Stephen Hawking; he was not able to talk, walk, or even hold a pencil but he is considered the brightest theoretical physicist ever born after Einstein.

Prejudices about people with disabilities cause them to be defined differently by their employers and colleagues in business life. Did you know that disabled employees have higher job loyalty, more job awareness than their friends, and many more benefits?

With this inspiration, we created this platform for disabled persons. We come together with both employers and candidates. We listen to the needs of both parties and try to make them meet on common ground.



First of all, I want to thank you for not forgetting us and not leaving us alone.

As for “ES Kariyer Consultancy”, I am very pleased and proud that you support us, lead us and always be with us. Thanks to you, I got a job and managed to progress on the path you have shown.

Thank you, my best regards,

Have a nice working day

I am grateful to ES Kariyer and its employees who have trusted me and helped me return to my business life, while it was a difficult time for almost everyone. Thanks to this team; I would like to state that I have joined a company like Siemens, which has established important works around the world, which gives importance to its employees and I have the chance to be an important part of the practices implemented here. They helped me find a job that fits my abilities and conditions, even in a huge pool of jobs and employees, like today.

In this process, I remembered that a step in the right direction can yield very good results. I realized that the support we give to each other in the community is exactly the same in our environment. Personally, the conclusion I made here; even if it is difficult, we need to focus on what we can do rather than the problems we face in both business and private life. Life becomes more beautiful as we focus on what we can do rather than what we cannot. I would like to express my gratitude again to everyone who helped me in this process.

Have a nice day

You are one of the rare organizations that have committed to the employment of disabled people in a serious sense. Not having a commercial perspective on your work and your satisfaction-oriented work are among the most important features to be appreciated. I sincerely congratulate the innovative thinking and solution-oriented working principle you have added to our country and the employment environment.

My personal opinion is that the attention of both the founder and the staff is really valuable and I really appreciate the fact that you do your best to provide a better employment service by sincerely taking candidates’ side in every process.

I am sure that with this working principle, you will be one of the leading employment consultancies in the future and other organizations will take you as an example.

I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your efforts. I hope we see you in better places in the future. I wish you continued success.

Sincerely yours,                                                    

The department you will work in is selected based on your health status. ES Career pays as much attention to the position you will work as you do. Recruitment is meticulously treated because it is more important than anything that your health and the environment you will work in are comfortable. You are never discriminated against in your work environment because of your disability, this is a good sense of discrimination. We are disabled, but we can do anything. This is just an awareness.

First, thank you for all your special attention J

I met Es Kariyer by chance through Kariyer.net.

The negotiations took a long time, but I have been working in a very large corporate company for 8 months now. Of course, this happened through your guidance. I thank you once again for all the things you did.

I thank and give props to ES Kariyer staff. I’m with these friendly people in spirit about the fact that they try to reintegrate different people into society. I think it is not difficult to understand that Bengü Bahrioğlu (EsKariyer employee) made lots of efforts for me through phone and mail traffic.

Thank you very much for your efforts.