Selection & Staffing.

Employing disabled personnel has become an imperative for the private sector, in addition to public institutions, with article 30 of Law No. 4857. As ES Kariyer, we find candidates who are suitable for the right position. Our priority is to ensure that suitable candidates are placed in appropriate positions so that the active workforce can be used effectively. During our interviews with the candidate, we learn about his/her competencies and technical qualifications, and we receive details about the disability directly from the candidate.

After interviewing with the candidates, we include details about their disabilities when sharing their CVs with companies for the relevant positions. The disability situation should be conveyed to the employer in detail as a report so that the employer can place the person in the right position and provide sustainable employment in a comfortable and satisfactory manner for both parties. We highlight special circumstances, if any, and proceed to the recruitment process after a consensus is reached.

Thus, we help companies fill the 3% disabled staff quota they have to meet as required by law and ensure that candidates with disabilities take an active role in business life.