Diversity And Inclusion .

In line with the globalization trend, diversity within the workforce in the world is increasing more and more. As a result, for today’s companies, the meaning of “diversity”, its dimensions, and how it should be managed effectively are becoming an important problem. Companies that do not have an inclusive culture need to adapt quickly to changes and to adopt this culture starting from top management in order to transform into agile organizations.

Aware of the real impact of an inclusive and diverse workforce, organizations have the opportunity to reflect on their current talent experiences and general talent value propositions.

“Disabled persons”, the largest minority group in the world, play a big role in working life.

The participation of approximately 1 billion disabled persons in business life increases the diversity in institutions. But a crucial step is that companies eliminate prejudices using their inclusive culture and focus only on talents and competencies.

Only in this way can we manage diversity and have agile organizations.