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Penalty Of Not Employing Disabled Personnel

For workplaces that do not fulfill the obligation to employ disabled persons, as regulated in Article 30 of the Labor Law No. 4857, there is a penal sanction in Article 101 of the same law.   This sanction is applied regardless of public or private sector, for every worker who should be employed but is […]

Employment Incentive For Disabled Persons

In the article 30 of the Law No. 4857, an employer incentive for insurance premium related to the employment of disabled persons was introduced.   According to this article;   Only insured persons with disabilities who are employed by private sector employers can benefit from the insurance premium employer’s share incentive.   In the past […]

Jobs Where Disabled Personnel Cannot Be Employed

The qualifications of the workers to be employed under the scope of “disabled persons” and the jobs they can do are regulated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.   Disabled persons can only be employed in jobs suitable for specific disabilities, in workplaces adapted to facilitate working conditions. They should not be employed […]

Employment Of Disabled Persons According To The Law

Employing disabled personnel has become an imperative not only for public workplaces but also for the private sector with Article 30 of the Labor Law No. 4857. It is also stated that there is a penal sanction for workplaces that do not fulfill this obligation. In this case, if employers exceed the allowed number of […]

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