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What Did They Say?

First of all thank you for not forgetting and leaving us alone.

As for “ES Career”; I am very pleased and proud that you have given us support and you have led to us. You have been very helpful, you were always with us. Thanks to you I own a job and we were able to take steps on the way you have shown us.

Thank you, best regards. All the best

Onur AyyıldızSütaş

While I was in a bed of nails, in almost everyone’s life, I would like to thank ES Career team who trusted me and helped me to returning business life. I would like to point out that; thanks to this team I have joined a firm like Siemens which is one of the leading companies in the world and gives great importance to its employees. Thanks to ES Career, I have the chance to be an important part of the practices implemented here. Even in this big business and candidate pool of our day, they helped me to find a job that was very suitable for my skills and conditions. 

In this process, I noticed that a right step for our aims could give very good results. I realized that our support for each other in the society rebound directly to our environment as well. The result I personally made is that; Even if it is difficult, we need to focus on what we can do rather than the problems we face in our work and private lives. As we focus more on what we can rather than what we can’t, life is gonna be allright.I would like to thank again to all those who helped me in this process.

Wish you all the best

Mustafa ErtaşSiemens

You are one of the few organizations committed to the employment of disabled people. You conduct your works without commercial concern, you give particular importance to your candidates’ satisfaction. I think that this is worthy of praise. I sincerely congratulate you for your innovative thinking and solution oriented working principle that you have added to our country and employment environment.

To the best of my belief; you do your best to provide better employment, both your founder and both you, the team. You sincerely spend a lot of effort for candidates in the whole process.

I am confident that you will be one of the pioneering employment organizations in the future and that other organizations will take you as an example.

I sincerely thank you for your hard work. I hope that we will see you in better places in the future. I wish you continued success in your business.


Kaan AkbulakMedia Markt

The firm and department you will work is chosen by considering your health status. The importance of your position is very important for ES Career as well. They are meticulous in recruitment because the most important thing for them is your health and your comfort in the working environment. You never diverge from the environment in which you work, this is a positive discrimination. We are disabled but we can do everything. It’s just an awareness.

Feyzanur KurtShaya

First of all, thank you very much for your interest

I met ES Career with Kariyer.net. The talks took a long time, but finally I have been working for a very large and institutional company for 8 months now. Of course this was through your guidance.

Thank you again for everything.

I would like to thank and commend to ES Career team. I express my love to those warm-hearted employees who are in a huge effort to reintegrate different people into the society. I don’t think it’s not hard to understand that Bengü Bahrioğlu is working hard for me, we can easily see that through phone and email traffic.

Thank you very much for your work.


Ebubekir KayaaslanCanpa